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Smart-tech system that dispenses home care and personal care products into reusable containers. We’re reducing plastic pollution one refill at a time.

We place kiosks at qualifying residential & retail properties, and partner with manufacturers who wish to offer their products via refill.

Wave goodbye to waste and stop single use plastic entering the environment. Shop cleaning products in returnable, refillable containers.

FREE monthly carbon neutral delivery system that refill at convenience of your home when you request on this website or R-Buy mobile app.

Quilt free

Zero Waste system that cuts out your garbage and guilt.

Save carbon

On your each refill we ensure no carbon emission.

Cost friendly

Save your hard earned money on every refill.

Free delivery

Carbon neutral FREE deliveries to your door

Trusted by communities

Dwellers in these communities have adopted R-Buy to reduce plastic package waste.

Join ambitious Refill-Club!

Our customers says


This is one of the best initiative towards sustainability. Rbuy are very customer centric and help them in their queries promptly. I wish Rbuy expands across the country.


Each time I use Rbuy products I am satisfied and happy that I am doing my part to reduce waste... One of the best initiative that I have come across


Would always recommend RBuy for the wonderful work they do. Reducing/doing away with throw away plastic. Wish more people would switch to R Buying. One of the best ways to reduce plastic waste heaps - getting your cleaning agents in reusable bottles. What else can you ask for?

Awards and recognitions

Litres of water saved

Bangaloreans adopted

Plastic bottles eliminated

CO2 emmission saved

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